My main sphere of engagement is that of IT support, UX (user experience) design, web based interfacing, multi-discipline creativity and design in digital publishing. Creating solutions for a variety of diverse goals. I have been developing hardware/ software projects using the Internet of Things on  systems as diverse as Earth Quake data visualisations using Arduino boards, to developing new  hardware configurations and software for people with communication disabilities. One of the new exciting areas I am exploring is 3D modelling of data, captured by wearable hardware prototypes within the university labs to better define the idea of space.

This specimen can invent all kinds of funky code and graphics

My professional Skills: Network protocols,VMware, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, SQL, C#, CSS, HTML, XAML, P5js, Procsessing, WordPress Phone Gap, Adobe Photoshop, Abode InDesign, Processing, Microsoft Office, node red, IBM Watson, Linux, Windows 7, 8.1,10. Apple OS systems, Arduinos, node MCU and Raspberry Pi projects,  Programming, Mobile app development, HUI, UX design.

Intelligent Spaces

I am a final year student at the University of Plymouth reading BSc (Hons) Internet Design. I have BTEC HND in Furniture Design and have studied BSc Computing foundation at Plymouth Univeristy. My studies  have initiated me into the esoteric world of composing logical code but also advanced design problem solving. I’m continuing to grow a fuller Internet publishing tool set  and designing some unique Internet Design installations. The Big 5 

I relish the journey of learning , hard work and look towards new ways to compliment my background in management, design and communications to become a successful Internet based designer and IT technician.

The things I do in my free time are often associated with computing but I also enjoy sea swimming, vegan cooking, wood working, gardening and “enabling” with handicapped people in the Cornwall area ( I work part time with Mencap alongside my full time studies). I play bass and guitar,read and enjoy visiting areas of architectural heritage. My latest venture is discovering Yoga.

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