INDE401 Project 2 Crowdsourcing

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Project 2 INDE401

Say what you Hear

What is it about?

Group  Chris Maycock, Luke Taylor, Charlotte price and Stuart O.

If you don’t know what crowdsourcing is it can seem a strange idea, it is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers”. Although you can crowdsource from physically asking someone to contribute and this was the method we used.

The wave form of our sample
The wave form of our sample

The project was to take a piece of spoken audio and sonically distort it and make it barely comprehensible. We asked 14 randomly selected people to write what they “heard”, we assembled the material into a finished Audio-Visual project. What we hoped to demonstrate is how people “hear” the given seed in differing ways and how much they “fill in” themselves. It is really an exercise in deliberately initiating a “lost translation” event. Like looking at a picture through frosted glass and asking people what they see.

Why did we choose to make this project?

  • Sound can be heard very differently by individuals.
  • The seed audio could be manipulated away from the original form therefore masking the original
  • The crowd-source is relatively easily harvested
  • The user never hears the original speech or has any context of the audio
  • Hiding the original meant the individual decoded the given piece in an uncontrolled manner

The audio was very muffled and had; 10 syllables 8 words Added Distortion.

Luke helps compile raw pieces ready for GIF making with Charlotte
Luke helps compile raw pieces ready for GIF making with Charlotte

What we asked contributors to do

Listen to a short audio clip twice then we asked them to write on A4 paper the sentence they think they heard.

INDE Proj 2  <– here you can download our Power Point if you wish

Below is a Link from Tumblr blog of the sound the crowdsourcers heard

This is a gif animation of what they heard from the audio.

You are not meant to be able to detect the actual words but inteprept what you hear
You are not meant to be able to detect the actual words but interpret what you hear.

Final Analysis

If we had more time we would have made an online interactive version of our piece and e would have liked to have animated the contributors as they wrote their interpretations.The chaotic nature of peoples attempts lead to a much more interesting final piece than if we had of controlled their efforts more.

It clearly demonstrates that the audience will have a role in the perception of a given piece regardless of its clarity.


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