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INDE401 Project 3

disinformation |ˌdɪsɪnfəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n|

What we did


Above is the link to the finished project, please feel free to look and add your comments at the bottom of the webpage.

We choose to use a free website builder to make a facsimile of a Facebook site, that subverted posts from original facebook post and then placed them within our copy  version to misrepresent peoples information.

INDE Facebook page fake
Screen shot of fake site being constructed on Wix fee website builder

This reason we chose facebook as a medium of digital information to subvert, was that it is very familiar to to people and user s feel comfortable placing post that reveal something of their lives. The user has become so familiar with the layouts that they may never question where the information they are posting is going  to or indeed that they are being monitored by external agencies.

By using a very intimate association with facebook and corrupting the data therein we hoped to demonstrate that, it is relatively easy to dupe users into entering a counterfeit version of the website they wanted and interacting with it in customary way.

We also placed pictures from other sources over original posts and therefore  gave a false representation of the original txt that followed that picture.

Deliberately obvious photo edit over an original picture that showed tech including an Apple Mac
Deliberately obvious photo edit over an original picture that showed tech including an Apple Mac

Other areas of note on our site are that names were changed, the adverts are false, the trends window was adulterated and some of the smaller details were altered. visit the website and have a good look

What functionality did the false “Facebroke” site have?

Spread around the main page were hypertext links that when the user tried to enter txt, popped up new websites that where reporting on disinformation and governments attempts to gather all digital information on us as individuals.

The usual comments windows were overlaid with for links that took user to other pertinent websites pertaining to the discussion on wether it is right or not to by constantly monitored etc.

Analysis and comment

If we had more time or greater website making skills we would have used dreamweaver to create a genuine site with the functionality of the website. The project fairly shows how information can be misused and that users can be driven to entering data into a medium they did not consciously select.

Wether or not it is permissible to gather information in order that systems of governments can continue their governance unopposed, is a matter for debate that will continue whilst those practises are carried out on individuals with a society.

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