Marking Criteria for DAT Modules

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Marking Criteria: – University Coursework

Research and Investigation:

The ability to employ an appropriate research method(s) to investigate, locate, select, evaluate and utilise data and source material as part of an effective research process. Critical Context: Understanding of the historical, critical and theoretical frameworks relevant to the work in particular or the practice as a whole. The ability to locate work within a broader cultural context.

Innovation and Creativity:

Innovation and creativity through practice by the dynamic integration of existing forms, the generation of new forms, or the radical appropriation and utilisation of components or the critical re-evaluation and appropriation of concepts. The demonstration of an experimental approach, risk taking, the speculative use of rational and intuitive thought.

Practical Competence and Realisation:

The ability to realise a project, through the demonstration of an understanding of aims, audience, and context. Responsiveness and effectiveness in the deployment, utilisation and manipulation of appropriate skills, technologies and processes to fit the available resources. The ability to manage the process by which the product of the module is realised. The ability to successfully and appropriately integrate critical context and practical competence into a coherent and legible whole.

Analysis and Critical Evaluation:

Demonstrating an ability for problem analysis, to understand, articulate and interpret the nature of the assignment, its context within the Programme and its broader context. To evaluate work through formative and summative critique. To learn from mistakes and problems and effectively utilise knowledge gained.

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