Venture Culture Assignment Brief 2017/2018

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Digital Art and Technology BA / BSc

This module introduces students to the concepts of entrepreneurship through the practical
exploration of individual, collaborative and organisational creative enterprise. Operating as a
pragmatic vehicle for generating new ventures within the creative and cultural industries, the
formation of prototype companies enables students to rehearse the commercialisation of their
Module Aims:
• To explore, through the construction of prototype companies, mechanisms for creating
sustainable enterprise models in the creative industries.
• To familiarise students with the processes, support structures and factors affecting the
survival or demise of young enterprises.
ASSESSED LEARNING OUTCOMES: (additional guidance below)
At the end of the module the learner will be expected to be able to:
1: Develop and evaluate a credible business plan.
2: Apply a practical understanding of how to structure and start up a new enterprise.
3: Assess the legal and financial considerations for a creative and / or cultural industry

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