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Identifying Web technologies

Module Brief: Identify 3-5 web-related technologies/frameworks that you are most likely going to be using in this project. Explain WHY you believe these technologies are relevant/necessary for your development (80-100 words per technology/framework).

Anon, (2017). [image] Available at: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/68/38/43/683843d451f6eabfa2eb14f6d50a9b7a.jpg [Accessed 1 Nov. 2017].


HTML is useful as it can be used in the upcoming project as it can embed programs written in a scripting languages such as JavaScript or Python. The ability to add scripting languages means the embedded scripts can affect the way a web page behaves of web pages. Looking forward to how the project will design its front end, whilst allowing some script to change the way the end visualisation are manifested HTML seems at this point to be pertinent to the end goal.


Looking towards running scripts within the display interface within our project constructs physical construction (using HTML) it has an API for working with text, arrays, dates, regular expressions. It can be used client-side and server side. JavaScript supports event-driven programming styles which as our design is event driven. JavaScript could be implement to display the changes made by the uses interfacing with the project physical unit (analogue) into a visualization of what that interfacing has affected



Django is  free and open source Python Web framework it is an integrated platform for Web development, It handles creation of the database, as well as insert, update, delete queries and querying .It has support multiple databases – MySQL, out-of-the-box ifve the relevant Python libraries installed. This would be good for managing any integrated database management need to make a function program for the project.


The blatantly apparent fact is MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database (Mysql.com. (2017). MySQL. ) it is become the go to choice database for web-based applications, used by web properties including Facebook, Twitter. There are readily available free tools to maximise the use of the data stored such as CMS systems. Python, PHP and other languages which will likely be integrated into the back office sector of the application. MySQl can also be used with Django with would allow a building block for realising data into both visual and other media translations.



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