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Personal Pitch of  my own proposal.

The Pitch Text

My product is a Digital Clock that uses the Picture Exchange Communication system (PECs).

It is a device for people with limited verbal communication abilities and will make timed activities easier, for people with Autism.

It will help identify instances that lead to pre-seizure behaviours.

There are no PECs based digital clock systems in the marketplace, making it a uniquely desirable system for helping people with learning disabilities.”


(apologise for the edit there was  video lag on the Sony z3 the video was recorded on, that’s why I added subtitles)

Analysis of Pitch

The pace was good and the timing was 3 seconds under the suggested 30 seconds . Delivery was clear and gave a reasonable outline of the idea. The core concepts were explained and some indicators of the market were given. On the negative side, looking to the notes meant my head was not always facing frontwards and the nature of the technical information made the pitch verbally cluttered. A clearer definition of the USP and a shorter summary of the idea would have improved the pitch overall. The one area I felt needed  better explanation was the viability of the idea, how simple it is as a solution to make and to sell.


The approach:

I set about laying out the key areas that needed to be in the Pitch, taking guidance from online business sites.

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • The Market
  • The Unique Selling Point
  • Viabilty

The next approach was to write a paragraph for each section giving a verbal sketch of the points  that needed to be made.  “Saying as little as possible” (Job, G. (2017) I honed down the sections and looked at offering the shortest but most descriptive method of producing a working pitch.  I reviewed what I had put in my nascent idea blog and set aside salient points.

The area I found hardest was finding the “hook” , a short phrase that summed up the idea of my service. It became apparent through the re-writes that the nature of the problem was the hook “There are no PECs based digital clock systems in the marketplace”. I looked at and originally included some depth on the systems such as what format the end design would take and how another company had made a very simple digital clock for Dementia but this seemed to just clutter the simplicity I was after in my pitch.

My next stage was to practice the various re-writes against a 30 second timer.  The phrase I could not disregard was “Picture Exchange Communication system” as that is a key component of the service. I found that through practice runs I  aware of the duplication of words and returned to writing synonyms for the words of clock or device.

After vigorous editing of the original script I then recorded my voice onto a phone to see how to emphasise key phrases. I was evident from this that there were verbal trips that need to be practised.

The way I approached the pitch tone was;

  • Keep is short/ withing 30 seconds ( can i write my idea on the back of a business card?).
  • Make it easy to follow and comprehend.
  • Give a clear indication of how income can be generated (market and USP)
  • Make the pitch a obvious choice, work on a the idea that investors need an unarguable reason to pick this venture to invest into.


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