Mini Group Pitch

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Group Pitch

A copy of one of the key slides

Personal analysis of the presentation.

Although my own voice projection was good the rapidity of my delivery meant that some of the key point may have been lost in the clutter of the information. Facing the audience as often as possible and talking to the back of the room helped give a clear delivery and enabled me to gauge audience participation throughout the pitch.

The animated body language of myself helped to point out key facts, but again this may have been a little bit rapid. Now the initial pitches have been carried out I feel that the group need a greater role in the pitch as it seemed very much that I took lead.

Group Feedback:

Group involvement: All the group should introduce themselves and the role that they have in the venture. Even if the individuals within the team do not present they are available to answer question within their fields and roles.

For me, it was requested that I add some personal information to show where the driving force is coming from and how I am personally connected to the proposal. Offering personal experience show that I have a real understanding of the solutions needed.

We needed to state clearly our USP as this was somewhat buried with the pitch.

An area to expand was how we pitch out venture with a view to future markets. The pitch needed a quick pointer as to where future markets. Also add a brief glimpse of how we see us products adapting into alternative avenues.

Branding needed to be given to the pitch. This would give us some identity as a hook to show a rounded venture where branding can readily describe our venture and specialism.

We also needed to clearly define who is buying this product, whether it is groups, individuals, organisations or a mixture of markets.

When describing some of the key players give a summary of the nature of their work and why they maybe important

Through the feedback we were asked to give more information on the PECs system, this was tough as the overall time for the pitch was short. It maybe that the group looks to simplify PECs.

From the analysis we needed to clearly define how the system works, with perhaps an overview of the technologies involves. Maybe a simple system diagram that conclude with a visualisation of the end product could be used to help people visualise the concepts being delivered.

Finally post presentation feedback showed that we could describe how the data gathering aspect of the app would be utilised IE: medical research, care providers pattern visualisation and analysis of behaviour identifiers that may help pre seizure analysis.



Addressing these issues will allow the group to have a clearer, honed pitch with target areas such as USP, Markets and visualisation of the solution.  Group presentation is also needed to offer the audience an idea of the research and team members’ roles.

Also branding to be included on slides with a clear focus on the umbrella venture as well as the specific products.

Included is the “after” video, which I feel was actually worse as more delivery was poor overall, the main lesson learned for me is better preparation, clearer defined points and more group inclusion.

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