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Brand Mood Board development ideas.

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The mood board above is a collection of core ideas behind my concept and the venture we propose.

Firstly the background, light cyan,colour was chosen to reflect the nature of the business which is essential based on computing , technology with reference to healthcare and clinical inference.  It is considered a colour of trust and communication ( 2017). White was also added to give the feel of simplicity with grey as an accent to bring attention to key features or shapes.

I then added variation of circles and connectivity to illustrate a sense of completions, wholeness and to break the lines of boundary edges. The grey node icon is to show a sense of connectivity and it was laid over the white semi circle to indicate breaking out of a circle, therefore giving a form to the idea of thinking and developing beyond constraints. The grey person with a laptop is there to illustrate computational ability and information technology.

The graph is a reference to data collection and manipulation which is part of the service, which leads to the info-graph of the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things of still a growing area of development and by including it here suggest we are part of the leading pioneers in this field, as well as the idea we are a digital based company or venture. The last 2 icons are of a clock and a collection of people with disability requirements as the first ventures and products will be present in this market place. Showing disabilities indicates that are services and products will not just target an enabled demographic.


The font chosen is modern and light, clean  giving a reinforcement to the idea that that this venture is about forward thinking and modernity. The name is an amalgam of core modes within the business, Technology, Assisting (people, businesses) and Technologies. Moving these core ideas into the AIT leads then to look for a logo that fits the idea of continuation. The 8 on it’s side is at once similar to the infinity sign but also gives a knowing nod towards the Arduino boards.


With the brand I wanted to specify clearly what the business offered in terms of qualities of the services and the products offered. By defining what is important to the values of the business I was easier to the think of how to brand, in this case it is that we are using technology to assist people, rather than say “entertain”. From here I was aiming to show our specialisation which is interactivity through technology. I choose to not use the word digital at this stage as I felt “technologies” also covered that base. The message of the tag line is that we enable people through technology and this gives a “personality” to the company of quality enabling interactivity. The A I T may also be Assistive Innovative Technologies, but the marketing team are still working through the options


The whole feel of the mood board was to give a feeling of technology and a modern “assistive  approach to inclusivity. The iconography helps  demonstrate the nature of the business which is to enable all people through our products. The clean lines and colours aim to convey a sense of trust and authenticity within our field of business, technology solutions.


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