Proposal and Stratagies

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Personality Abstraction

Stavros Didakis


Prerequisites from Brief

– A physical prototype (i.e. controller, sensing system, media device)
– A cutting-edge networking architecture
– Data storage and analysis
– Interface / Interaction (physical, virtual, and/or hybrid)
– Github repository / Deployed app

Aims of Project

– Art (Installations / Interactive / Participatory)

The goal of the project is to allow users to experience their own personality make up a 3 dimensional space. To do this the method will be to externalise some of the core components of human personality, based on the CANOE (conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, extravertism) model into a visualisation projected into a space (Immersion dome).


mdoel of paramets
System Diagram for animations

Users will interface with a touch screen embedded into an installation (form yet to be determined), a raspberry will act as the client and  client side computer to allow users to enter their own personality’s traits. These traits will be distributed databases to configure animation parameters, which are then posted into MongoDB for live retrieval into a CSS/HTML P5.JS animation of an anthropomorphic life form. The user can experience within the dome the interpretive forms (abstractions) and see a projection based on in choices the user has made.

System Production Diagram

Nature of End-Product

A projected abstraction of a users individual persona based on selective users self assessment of personality core characteristics.

phone gap
Prototype Interface for user

Challenges presented by the project

The challenges the group see are the live data storage and retrieval, front end design, animation (processing or P5.JS, nodejs/ javascript/ php implementation, Typography and  UX design (for cards). The construction 3D modelling of the surround for touch screen user interface and the case mount for the raspberry pi3 b.

Costs/ Resources/ Budget

Raspberry Pi 7″ Touch Screen Display £58.79
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B £32.15
Wood filler & paint for Plinths £50

System Diagram

Untitled Diagram



Responsibilities within the Group

table od responsibilites

Project Timetable – Group


Gannt Chart of Tasks

Up to 23rd Nov research ideas and technologies, draft idea and discuss with tutor, paper prototype concepts, look at which data we will choose to “realise” into a form.

Personal Timetable


Monday, November 27

Blog Updates

System production
Strategies-related diagram/description
Responsibilities table/diagram
Time planning (group / individual)
Resources list + budget

Monday, December 4

Project/Page GitHub

All groups are expected to have all the required resources available (hardware/software/libraries, etc)

Monday, December 11

System demo (prototype)
List of all problems / issues
Monday, January 8
Formative Assessment (System demonstration, 10-slide presentation)

Monday, January 15

Development feedback/debugging

Tuesday, January 16

Finalisation of documentation
Refinement & finalisation of submissions

Submission by 16/01/2018 (23:59)


Equipment Orders and collation, software/ hardware (Chris,Steph)

29th Nov 17

Source all production materials (Chris)
Raspberry Pi 3’s/Touch screens
Finalise final form for interface container
OS systems
Server Hosting

Back End (Chris, Stephanie) & Client Side and interfaces (Gintare, Stephanie, Chris)

4Th Dec 17

Find server to hose MongoDB.
Develop a MongoDB database to store parameter of user interface inputs.
Connect simple html/ JS to database to check CRUD works.
Simple PHP developed to ensure client is posting data externally/ correctly.
Prototype phone gap front end for users to input personality data.
Simple website to host visualisations.
Start to look at button interface to select background for the animations.

Animations (Gintare, Chris)

11th December

P5.JS animations as prototype  forms with some or all parameters alterable though user interfacing.


Modelling for Interface controller (Chris)

18th December

A prototype of the interface container to be roughed out for both the primary and secondary input (buttons for scenery changes)
To be completed as working structure 9th Jan 2018

Learning outcome aims

To deliver a working prototype system that models a human experience into an external space.
Demonstrate awareness of emerging ‘net platforms (multi purpose internet interactions and realisations)
Implementation of technologies, concepts and structures of the internet via our projects use of app design, near instantaneous transformation of data into a physical world.




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