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The early parts of the project allowed us to define the goal for  meeting the brief and we have now moved onto pro-typing and system designs.

  • MongoDB – in conjuction with PDO/PHP – for database operations
  • P5.js (with HTML/CSS/js .etc) – for visualizations
  • GitHub – for easy collaboration and version control
  • Stephanie Fields server/website – for hosting .etc
  • Raspberry Pi & Touch input – for user input
  • Immersive Dome
  • Arduino for LED  visualisation of mood
  • Physical base to hold the glass head (housing the LEDs)
  • Fire Tablet to wireless allow users to define current mood ( which illuminates the Glass head
head model
Basic System prototyping


Using p5.js we have begun to see if we can affect parameters within a p5.js sketch. Although this is a very early stage of the interactions we look to see if we can change the size of the circles based on the user sliders interface.




Video Showing LEDs inside the glass head


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