Badger Info

The other tabs in this “badger info” menu will give you access to some significant scientific studies as regards Meles Meles, the Eurasian badger (UK and Ireland).

The host of this website is totally opposed to the badger cull currently being carried out in the UK.


I believe that culling badgers in an attempt to tackle bTB in cattle is ineffective and inhumane.  A 2014 report by an Independent Expert Panel of scientists appointed by Defra to assess the effectiveness and humaneness of the 2013 pilot badger culls, concluded:

  • The culls did not even come close to reducing badger populations by 70%, the minimum level deemed to have any significant effect in reducing bTB in cattle
  • Coverage of 70% of the land in the cull area, another essential criteria for having any significant effect, could not be confirmed
  • Up to 18% of badgers shot were still alive after 5 minutes and at risk of experiencing marked pain, meaning up to 422 badgers may have suffered marked pain.

In 2015 the Government got rid of most of the scientific criteria that had been used in the past to justify the cull (from the 10 year study called the Randomised Badger Cull Trial), so making it even less efficient and scientific.

Please support the anti-cull movements by joining a local badger patrol in Cornwall or Devon.