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When I get set module assignment I look through the module’s aims to see if at the end of the module the aims have been completed. Given below is the outline for the module, some screen grabs of my end product website and some of the challenges I faced. Our assignment was to design and code in only JavaScript, CSS and HTML a website for the BA/BSc. (Hons) Internet Design Degree course.


To introduce students to an understanding of their personal marketing, social and cultural  power and its potential through interaction with established and emerging online forms, to see and project themselves as “self facilitating media nodes”.

To explore critical and historically informed approaches to understanding networked social media as a creative medium and platform.

To build an understanding of, and approaches to computational and algorithmic culture. To allow students the opportunity to develop and test a personalised understanding and approach to networked and technologically-mediated-communications technologies.


My Assignment website design.

The blue chosen for styles was mainly from the idea of following a them through out my pages and continuing with the University of Plymouth branding. A custom font, Neuzeit for Plymouth, has been developed for the University and should be used for all communications, but as the font isn’t free I used Arial bold as my font to best match the given style. Banner style and horizontal Nav’ bar where used  in conjunction with a picture bar and simple navigation at the bottom of the page to give a sense of boundary to the pages.


Landing Page
Landing Page with animation Simon Button.

As you can see(above)  I tried to keep my website, clean simple with a corporate identity similar to that of Plymouth University University of Plymouth . The challenge was also to use java-script only, to represent Facebook data pulled from the university’s Digital Arts and Technology DAT.sister course Facebook page.

Simon Borg png.

One unique feature that I added was m “Simon Lock”(Course Leader) button on the home page which, when clicked invoked a “Borg” Simon to to across the screen, accompanied to a sound bite from Star Trek. This was an adaption of the Raptorise kit that can be downloaded Here. This kit was adapted by my making anew .png file (image file format) of the amalgam of Simon face (taken from the university website and a borg .png .


My face book feeder from the DAT Facebook.

The outcome required a lot of extra learning hours (60) on last week to make sure my CSS styles were consistent. There were some last minute problems such as wrong shade of blue on my “inactive hover” links but overall i was please with my result. The website is stored local only so there is no live version at the moment.