My top 3 Tech choices for 601 Module

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Top 1

Environmental Sensing

Environmental Sensors like BME280 from Bosch,  suitable for situations where low power consumption are primary design considerations cold be used to develop a temperature device. Using its’ integrated temperature sensor, a design could be realised that can be used for estimating ambient temperature. A wearable ambient temperature sensor could control room by room heating.

Top 2


Recently by using Dialogue flow and node red the Idea of having text to speech is appealing, where visual information cannot be accesses or speech is used to reinforce visual information. A webcrawler could offer critique of news feed trending within twitter.

Top 3

Art installation

The idea of developing music or sound generation from crowd sourced activity could be developed to make for a fluid and nonlinear creation. One idea to explore the ebb and flow of footfall within a space and translated into a piece of responsive sound-scaping.


E ink Hat for Raspberry Pi

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Loving these and want to make a steam punk clock with brass turn knobs and cogs with ink time display.


PaPiRus ePaper / eInk Screen HAT

Pi Zero W Starter Kit

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